Custom Chassis Optical Switch System

The LT3000 Series of custom switches offer the ultimate flexibility in system configuration. Optical switches can be combined with a wide selection of other components to match the design requirement of the most demanding applications. Repeatability and reliability are assured by fully developed design and manufacturing system. The LT3000 Series is available with a front panel keypad and a RS232 or GPIB control interface.


– Flexible Custom Configurations

– Local Keypad and GPIB or RS-232 Remote Control

– Bench Top or Rack Mounting

– 2U, 4U,8U, up to 14U chassis


– Manufacturing Test Systems

– Optical Components Testing

– Transmitter/Receiver Measurements

– Fiber Test Systems in Telecommunications and Data Communications

– R&D Laboratories

Design Examples

3.5 Custom Chassis Optical Switch System - Design Examples

Ordering Information

3.5 Custom Chassis Optical Switch System



3.5.1 LT3000 Custom Chassis Optical Switch System

3.5.2 LT3000 MxN SM Blocking Optical Switch

3.5.3 LT3000 2×8 Synchronous Fiber Optic Switch