M-Z Detector Module

The M-Z Detector Module is based on freespace optics, for detecting changes in optical frequency. The device comes with two fast photodetectors for the balanced detection of the two complementary outputs of the M-Z interferometer. the Module’s free-space optical design eliminates the polarization sensitivity commonly associated with all-fiber interferometers. The Module is ideal for applications in wavelength-swept light sources for determining their instantaneous frequencies, in OCT systems as a frequency clock for system triggering, in fiber sensors for detecting sensing signal spectral drift, and in coherent communication systems for detecting frequency drifts of the lasers.


– Accurate Free Spectral Range      

– Temperature Stable 

– Polarization Insensitive

– Fine Optical Frequency Spacing

– Fine Optical Frequency Spacing


– Wavelength Swept Light Source

– Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

– Fiber Optic Sensor

– Test & Measurement

– Spectrum Analysis

– Coherent Detection Systems


2.3.2 M-Z Detector Module

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2.3.2 M-Z Detector Module



2.3.2 M-Z Detector Module