OEM Services

1- About Us

Optowaves provides OEM services since company started in 2001, we participate in Telecommunications, Medical industry and Bio applications. Our US headquarter provides superior customer services, our California manufacturing site offers fast turnaround prototype and small quantity production while our international manufacturing division carries cost down production. Our expertise and excellent engineering design work will help our customer from concept design to final production.

2- Support Team

We have California support team which engages in initial product development and engineering, and our China division will provide intensive engineering support including product specification, feasibility study, yield analysis and production

3- OEM Development Process

Starting from contact, Optowaves will work with customer design team for product specification, feasibility study, initial prototyping, product revisions, yield analysis and cost down production. Optowaves is flexible in production scheduling, delivering and one of the best RMA process.

4- Quality Assurance

Optowaves is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 since 2003 and 2013 respectively. We carry stringent quality policies and our incoming inspection, in process quality monitoring and 100% final product inspection will ensure the best quality to our customers.