Fiber Based Interferometers

Optowaves provides full lines of fiber based interferometers in many ways, they are widely used in scientific research, Bio medical field, telecommunications, astronomy and specially in OCT applications.

Optowaves has the process of cascading fusing fiber pull and in process fringing monitoring techniques for most accuracy of interferometers. Our offerings include and not limited to the followings,

1- M-Z type interferometer, length matching accuracy up to micron meter

2- Michelson interferometer, length matching accuracy up to micron meter

3- Modal interferometer

4- F-P cavity interferometer

5- Gyro interferometer

6- Polarization fiber based interferometer


Customers can also choose our optics and optical electronics modules for system set up, such as

1- Motorized optical delay lines

2- Polarization controllers (manual, motorized, PZT or E-O based)

3- VOA (manual, motorized or MEMS based)

4- Optical Switch (Relay type)

5- Heterodyne laser detection module

6- Variety of semiconductor laser module

7- Fiber based micro probes