Optic Lens & Micro Probes

Optowaves is specialized in medical and scientific micro probe lens design and manufacturing, the spherical and aspherical micro lens can be as small as 0.125mm.

Optowaves will also work with customers starting from R&D projects all the way to final production. The typical lens offerings include prism, spherical lens, cylinder lens, UVFS optics, windows, filters and coating services.

1) Prism:
Right angle prism, roof prism, petan prism,
corner cube prism, periscope prism.

2) Spherical lens:
Single lens, doublet lens, square spherical lens.

3) Cylinder lens/Powell lens:
Plano-convex/concave cylinder, bi-convex/concave lens.

4) Infrared optics:
Ge, ZnSe, ZnS, Si, CaF2, MgF2, BaF2 windows.

5) UVFS:
Optics, optical grating, mirror,
or AR/BBAR/HR/DLC coating service.

6) Windows:
D2.0~580mm, we can supply double side polishing,
contact polishing.

7) Filters:
Band-pass filter, long-pass filter,
low-pass filter, color filter, day-night filter

4-1 Optic lens & Micro probes4-2 Optic lens & Micro probes

4-3 Optic Lens & Micro Probes

4-4 Optic lens & Micro probes



4. Lens technology used in OCT probe