Programmable MxN Matrix Switch System

The LT2000 Series of MxN programmable matrix switches offers the standard symmetrical (3×3 through 32×32) and asymmetrical (4×6, 3×12, 2×26, etc.) configurations in a 19” rack mount chassis. The LT2000 delivers excellent stability and field proven reliability. The LT2000 series can be combined with other switches and fiber taps to offer a flexible architecture for custom applications. These systems are available with a front panel keypad and a RS-232 or GPIB control interface. LabVIEW drivers are provided.


– Insertion Loss of 1.7 dB, Typical

– Repeatability of: < ± 0.01 dB (LT2100); < ± 0.03 dB (LT2200)

– Crosstalk of < -60 dB

– Local Keypad and GPIB or RS-232 Remote Control

– Bench Top or Rack Mounting


– Manufacturing Test Systems

– R&D Laboratories

– Reconfiguration and Restoration of Broadband Fiber Network

– Data Communication and Multimedia Networks


3.4 Programmable MxN Matrix Switch System

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3.4 MxN Programmable Matrix Switch System



3.4 LT2000 MxN Programmable Matrix Switch System