LT500 1xN Optical Switch

The LT500 Series of 1xN (1×3-1×5) optical switches combine world class switching speed with low insertion loss and excellent repeatability. The LT500 Series small form factor enables optimal space management and simple integration with complimentary optical components. The LT500 incorporates patented reflective optics technology to deliver outstanding performance and reliability.


– Meets Telcordia 1221 Standards

– Insertion Loss of 0.6 dB, Typical

– Repeatability of <± 0.02 dB

– Switching Speed of 10 ms, Typical

– Crosstalk of < -70 dB

– Patented Reflective Optics Permits Operation from 0-65 ºC

– Operates with TTL Control

– Compact Size of 15 x 50 x 70 mm


– Broadband Wavelength Monitoring 

– System Monitoring  

– Test Access 

– OEM Network Test System


2.4.3 LT500 1xN Optical Switch

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2.4.3 LT500 1xN Optical Switch



2.4.3 LT500 1xN Optical Switch