Optical Power Meter

PMSII-X is a high-performance portable Optical Power Meter for testing, installing, and maintaining single mode and multimode cables and networks, such as optical communication, optical cable TV, fiber sensing and so on, with compact structure, low power consumption,while keeping high performance. It can work together with light source or optical attenuator for various optical tests. PMS-XF is a optical power meter for measuring continuous optical power. It can be used as a tool in optical communication, optics sensor system.


– Optical Fiber Communication

– Design and Manufacturing of Fiber Optic Components

– Optics Sensor System 


– Wide Dynamic Measurement Range

– Interchangeable Connectors Available 

– A Robust, Shock-proof, and Splash-proof Design 

– RS232 Communication Interface

– High Accuracy and Long Term Stability

– Max/Min Recording for Power Fluctuation Test

– Quick Start Operation, No Warm-up Time


3.1 Optical Power Meter

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3.1 Optical Power Meter



3.1 Optical Power Meter