LT1000 1xN Programmable Optical Switch System

The LT1000 Series of 1xN programmable switch systems connect either single or dual fiberoptic channels to any “N” (up to 200) optical channels. They deliver excellent performance and high reliability. The LT1000 Series can be equipped with other switches and fiber taps to offer a flexible architecture for custom applications. Available with remote control via RS232 or GPIB interfaces.


– Simplex and Duplex Configurations Available

– Can be Equipped with other Switches and Fiber Taps for Special Applications

– Connects up to 200 Channels

– Low Insertion Loss of 0.6 dB, Typical

– High Repeatability and Low Crosstalk at <-60 dB

– Local and IEEE 488 or RS 232 Remote Control

– Bench Top or Rack Mounting


– Channel Monitoring

– R&D Laboratories

– Remote Network Testing

– Manufacturing Test Systems

– Field Test Systems

– Transmitter/Receiver Measurements


3.3 Programmable 1 x N Switch Systems

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3.3 1xN Programmable Optical Switch System



3.3.1 LT1000 1xN Programmable Optical Switch System

3.3.2 LT1100 1×100 SM Fiber Optic Switch